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ePageWiz Pro Plus Editor

Electronic publications are slowly becoming the format of choice for reading documents, magazines, brochures, and other forms of electronic readings. The main reason behind this is that electronic publications do not require bigger processing speed compared to PDF files and other electronic documents. Electronic publications however require a different file reader because they cannot be read by the average PDF readers. Knowing where to get electronic publications can be quite daunting considering the fact that most people tend to publish their documents as PDF files. Good thing though that a program has been created which lets users convert their PDF files into the ePub format. This program is known as the ePageWiz Pro.

What is this Program?

            ePageWiz Pro is a file converter which converts PDF files into eMagazines, eBrochures, or eCatalogs. This program is capable of making any document interaction through the use of multimedia which can be inserted into any section of the publication. This program provides a secure environment for publishing electronic documents since it can lock the published document to prevent other people from stealing or copying it. The user interface provided is very easy to use meaning that all of the features of the program can be used even by the novice user.

Features of the Program

ePageWiz Pro allows users to create EPP books which are compatible with the Android OS. The EPP books created this way can either be locked to prevent copying or sold to other users depending on the user’s preference. All of the EPP books created by this application can be manually uploaded onto the user’s server or automatically uploaded to eCatalog.com or eBrochures.com. Also, all of the books published will contain a page turning animation which simulates the movement of an actual book. Templates are readily available to be used by the user in making their publications more interactive.

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