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MemoryUp Professional Discount Coupon Code

MemoryUp Pro – Mobile RAM Booster

Several mobile phone devices have limited internal memory capacity. Inadequate internal memory capacity can decelerate, immobilize and crash the phone’s system. MemoryUp Pro is a utility tool designed to enhance the allocation of memory of mobile devices. It supports different smartphone platforms. It is also being offered in a free trial subscription.

The real-time internal memory status monitor and update feature of MemoryUp Pro allows the user to view the mobile phone’s current internal memory capacity and usage. Its other feature called Smartphone Crash Protection protects mobile devices from crashes by notifying the user whenever the phone’s memory capacity reaches its critical level. Another feature is designed to improve the performance of the memory. It simply regains idle memory to increase the system’s memory capacity.  It can be set automatically or manually.

MemoryUp Pro supports J2ME, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android and BlackBerry/RIM platforms. Its supported languages include Spanish, German, Italian and English.

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Discount on MemoryUp Pro
Price (50% OFF)
MemoryUp Professional Android Edition $ 16.99 8.49 $8.50
MemoryUp Professional BlackBerry Edition $ 16.99 8.49 $8.50
MemoryUp Professional Symbian Edition $ 16.99 8.49 $8.50
MemoryUp Professional Windows Mobile Edition $ 16.99 8.49 $8.50
MemoryUp Professional J2ME Edition $ 16.99 8.49 $8.50

NetworkAcc Discount Coupon CodeNetworkAcc – Wireless Network Booster

NetworkAcc is a mobile phone tool specifically designed for amplifying different network connections. It is equipped with numerous features that support different mobile phone platforms.

NetworkAcc is capable of enhancing the performance of WIFI, 3G, HSDPA, EDGE and GPRS network connections. It accelerates the process of video streaming, uploading, downloading, music streaming and internet browsing. It can improve network connections manually or automatically. It can be automatically configured to constantly enhance the performance of network connections by running it in the environment of mobile devices. It can be manually configured to speed up the performance of network connections by selecting the Accelerate Now button. It can also be disabled if there are no available network connections. It enables the user to ask for compressed information from servers.

NetworkAcc is compatible with the supported network carriers of Mexico, Germany, India, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Indonesia, Netherlands and France. Its supported language is English.  It is compatible with Symbian, J2ME, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry/RIM platforms.

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Discount on NetworkAcc
Price (50% OFF)
NetworkAcc BlackBerry Edition $ 9.99 4.99 $5.00
NetworkAcc Symbian Edition $ 9.99 4.99 $5.00
NetworkAcc J2ME Edition $ 9.99 4.99 $5.00

BatteryPlus Discount Coupon CodeBatteryPlus (BlackBerry Battery Booster & Manager)

BatteryPlus is a utility tool specifically intended for mobile devices from BlackBerry. It is designed to conserve and control the battery consumption of BlackBerry mobile devices.

BatteryPlus is compatible with BlackBerry Curve, Tour, Storm and Bold mobile phone models, and it is equipped with the ability to identify the model of mobile phone that allows it to apply the accurate method of controlling the performance of battery. The condition of the battery can be viewed in real-time manner. It provides the remaining battery capacity, charging conditions, battery voltage capacity and temperature status. It can provide a graphical representation of the performance of the battery in monthly, weekly and daily manner. It conserves battery by disabling WiFi connection and idle applications if the carrier signal is too low. It can be calibrated to compute and display the available time for standby and accepting calls.

BatteryPlus is compatible with OS 4.X, OS 5.0X, OS 6.X and OS 7.0X versions. Its trial subscription is available for download.

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Discount on BatteryPlus
Price (50% OFF)
BatteryPlus – BlackBerry Battery Booster & Manager $ 9.99 4.99 $5.00

HotkeyManager BlackBerry Discount Coupon Code

HotkeyManager – BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcut Manager

A utility tool called HotKey Manager provides the ease of initiating the commonly used applications of mobile phone device. It is exclusively designed for mobile devices made from BlackBerry.

It is compatible with AZERTY, QWERTZ and QWERTY keypad layouts.  It provides the ease of initiating different mobile phone programs and tasks by enabling the user to designate shortcut buttons.  Calendar, Alarm, Contacts, Clock, BlackBerry Maps, Browser and BlackBerry Messenger applications can now be launched with shortcut keys provided by HotKey Manager. It can also be used to provide shortcut keys for locking and turning the BlackBerry into its off position, toggling WiFi and Bluetooth connections, activating and deactivating carrier signal and enabling Camera application. Making phone calls can now be easily done with this utility tool. It provides a maximum capacity of 52 one-letter shortcut keys.

HotKey Manager is available in English, Chinese and Spanish language settings. It allows the ease of upgrading the software version because it is capable of storing and retrieving shortcut key configurations.

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Discount on HotKey Manager
Price (50% OFF)
HotkeyManager – BlackBerry Keyboard Shortcut Manager $ 5.99 2.99 $3.00

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