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eBoostr 4 Pro 29.99 22.49 7.50
eBoostr 4 Laptop Edition 24.99 18.74 6.25
eBoostr 4 Desktop Edition 19.99 14.99 5.00
eBoostr 4 Lite Edition 14.99 11.24
€ 3.75

Go for EBoostr for user satisfaction

There are many programs those emblems themselves as the pc optimizer, fastening the computer and prioritizing foreground and background applications according to the user’s requirement but very few performs that task tactfully, of which eBoostr is one the top contenders in the list. It does not only enhance computer performance but also does memory management, program management, cache management, application priority management, in other word, eBoostr tries to make most out of any computer up to user’s satisfaction.

What it does

Searching and indexing are one of the two slowest processes among regular ones; this software makes them faster by helping the system to reach important files quickly. The search or indexing algorithm Microsoft windows operating system uses is pretty heavy on the resources and as well as time consuming cause it tried to check every file stored inside for finding the desired one, eBoostr fasten this work by certain matching system that eliminates the requirement of checking out all the files, saving important time and resources.

Not only helping the windows or third party software, eBoostr also helps the hard drive for loading any data and greatly improves its efficient life by clever usage of the unused flash memory. Generally hard disks become noisier with time as the friction increases for loading or searching any data in the process of using it, resulting in a sequentially slower response time as the age progresses, this is prevented by this software up to some extent by loading most used files in the memory itself.

A new hardware like a ram is often imposed to speed up the program execution in any pc, buying new ram or formatting are the very popular phenomenon by any inexperienced user trying to improve its performance but that doesn’t deal with the standard issues present in any system making the pc slower, while most the time problem persists in the core of the system software like inefficient data recall process, eBoostr use an efficient buffer technology to detect and eliminate this wrong practice with the inbuilt improved algorithm.

Background processes and start up software are the two usual reasons behind slowing any pc down; this software manages them well enough to visualize the difference before and after installing it, and if the pc is having speed issues related to them, then the change is dramatic with much increased speed and performance like a newly installed computer, the main reason behind which is eBoostr understand the speed issues with current operating system and resolves them proficiently.

The requirement of faster loading programs or quicker searches is more visible while using a laptop or notebook as they eats up time and resource and greatly reduce battery life while operating. Thus eBoostr is more effective in portable computers, greatly improving the battery life and saving necessary time for the user, which means a lot to the professionals and businessmen during any important work.


The program is highly customizable to user different type of requirement and the performance change is easily visible by the inbuilt performance tracker to check improved program loading time, hence making eBoostr worthy of what it claims to achieve.

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