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“EarMaster does everything we were looking for — and more. It runs flawlessly on the University network… All of our theory teachers designed a tutor for their classes. Without exception they found that the tutor editor was complete and that it was easy to use…”

– Hanley Jackson, Professor of Music

Any aspiring musician knows just how important one’s sense of hearing is to the craft. Those who are gifted in this art are said to have a good ear while those lacking in abilities may be labeled tone-deaf. However, this is not a biological predisposition or a talent given at birth. One can learn how to have a good ear as long as they have the right training. Music schools offer these classes at a premium price and they take time with a lot of effort. But now, thanks to the technology of today, you can avail of this same training within the comfort of your own home with the help of Ear Master .

Ear Master is software you can easily install on your Mac or PC. This software aims to train your ear to recognize notes and sounds so you can learn to sing and play musical instruments competently. As has already been said, a good ear is vital to producing good music. If you can’t understand the sound around you, how can you compose good harmony and melody? With this software, your ears will be enabled to do all that and more with the help of exercises that teach you how to identify ranges of tone for a variety of instruments. There’s also interactivity since the software will tell you the reasons behind a correction whenever you make an erroneous answer thus fostering understanding and encouraging learning from mistakes.

There are almost 700 exercises on this software so you’ll have a lot of learning material to draw from. Over a hundred different instruments can be played using this software so it’s like having an orchestra in your computer. There’s even a helpful function to aid you in tuning your actual instruments so there’s no room for error once you actually take the stage.