Drive Genius 5

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Drive Genius 4 for Mac

Drive Genius 5 Features


  • Malware Scan
  • BootWell
  • Physical Check
  • Instant DrivePulse
  • Active Files
  • Consistency Check
  • Repari
  • Rebuild

Speed Up

  • Defragment
  • Speed

Clean Up

  • Repartition
  • Find Duplicates
  • Find Large Files
  • Clone
  • Secure Erase
  • Initialize
  • IconGenius
  • Information

Drive Genius 3

Drive Genius 3

Drive Genius 3 is a type of utility software designed for maintaining the efficiency of hard drives. It is specifically designed for Mac operating system running on Intel Processors. It is packed with the latest utility software features.

Drive Genius 3 includes Scanning, Email Alerts, Improved Repartition, Improved Defrag, RAID Assistance, 64-bit and DrivePulse features. Scanning feature examines the sector of hard drives. It prevents the accumulation of bad sectors. The required time for scanning test relies on the speed of rotation, disk capacity and physical condition of the hard drive. Email Alerts notify the user if the scanning test is complete. Improved Repartition feature permits the repartitioning process without the need of deleting hard drive volumes. It also allows the user to increase, decrease and hide hard drive volumes. Improved Defrag feature displays the fragmented files, amount of fragmented files and occupied storage space of files. Raid Assistance feature is designed for RAID software made by Apple and RAID compatible hardware. 64-bit feature provides the faster access of processors. It runs the scan, repair and defrag functions quickly and securely. DrivePulse feature observes the physical condition of hard drives. It is designed to observe the fragmented volumes, volume integrity problems and bad sector blocks. Fragmented volumes are scanned weekly to determine the condition and capacity of fragmentation. The integrity of volume is verified each day to determine its consistency status.

Drive Genius 3 is only compatible with Mac operating system installed on Intel processors.  It is compatible with Mac OS 10.5.3, Mac OS 10.6 and Mac OS 10.7 operating systems. Its required minimum capacity of RAM is approximately 512 megabytes. Drive Genius 3 is manufactured in DVD. It is bootable. Macbook Pro issued in October 2011, Mac Mini issued in July 2011 and MacBook Air issued in July 2011 are not compatible with its existing disk development kit.

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