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It’s unbelievable how hard maintaining a Mac Os can get. Losing track of files and downloads is a common problem that every Mac user encounters and no one can argue with this. During the first few weeks of owning a Mac, everything runs smoothly and there were no problems with maintenance. But as time pass, downloads and files pile up. This is completely normal but then it can slow down and take up precious disk space. Errors will also be encountered and they need to be fixed. DiskTools Pro can help diagnose disk troubles and most importantly, it can also fix them. DiskTools Pro is an essential tool for Mac users who want a quick and effortless maintenance for their Mac OS.

The product features different assistance aside from its diagnostic feature. The software can create schedules for file defragmentation, repair and when to keep backups. Damaged volumes are easily located and the software can also repair them. Transferring huge files from one location to another is made easier using this product. Due to this feature, it is now easy to backup different files.        Storage analysis is also a helpful feature in properly handling the disk space. It gives the user the idea what files consumes the most space and the choice whether to delete or put them on an archive. Defragmentation of files will be finished quickly which can make the Mac OS run even faster.

The highlight feature of DiskTools Pro is its S.M.A.R.T. Module. This feature allows data backups and enhancement of disks to run almost automatically with just a little effort coming from the user. First time and inexperienced users will definitely benefit from this feature.

Ever wondered whether all these cleans ups can really make the OS faster? Wonder no more since DiskTools Pro can provide a speed test measuring how fast the Mac OS runs before and after the clean up. The Test Data Transfer feature tests the speed of the OS by repeatedly transferring files back and forth. Thanks to this, the progress of making the OS fast and efficient can be easily tracked.

Some might say that all its features can be easily obtained with other free software but no free software can contain all these features in one package. The free software may only have one feature making it very impractical to download them. For about $80, DiskTools Pro can save everyone the headache of finding these features individually. It is one of the most complete utility one can find.

DiskTools Pro is specially developed by the company Intech to boost the overall performance of a Mac OS.  A utility like this can provide the flexibility an OS needs to operate efficiently. Whether the people will use DiskTools Pro for its backup feature or for its defragmentation capability, Intech can assure its customers that it can perform both and other features very well. It is also beginner friendly tool not only due to its S.M.A.R.T. Module but also due to its simple and easy to follow interface.

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