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DEVONthink Pro Office

DEVONtechnologies  offers Mac users the chance to buy premium information management and research software titles at 30% off this Black Friday. DEVONtechnologies solutions are especially targeted to students, educators, journalists, researchers, attorneys and writers, to help them better perform in their activity.

DEVONthink Pro Office is a document management solution that helps Mac users work better and more efficiently:

  • keeps data together in one place
  • makes paper documents searchable by scanning them
  • shares data with anyone, Mac or PC

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Products included:

  • DEVONagent, DEVONnote, DEVONsphere, DEVONthink lines of products and bundles

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DEVONthink Pro Office

Discount Price: $149.95 $127.46

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DEVONthink Pro

Discount Price: $79.95 $67.96

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DEVONthink Personal

Discount Price: $49.95 $42.46

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DEVONtechnologies products:


  • DEVONthink Pro Office – The all-in-one choice
  • DEVONthink Pro – The professional’s choice
  • DEVONthink Personal – The smart choice
  • DEVONthink To Go – The mobile professional’s choice



  • DEVONagent Pro – All features, all options
  • DEVONagent Express – The smart choice
  • DEVONagent Lite – One-click web search (for free)


  • DEVONsphere Express – Make your Mac smarter
  • DEVONsphere Server – Web search, relevant and fast

The DEVONthink Pro Office

The DEVONthink Pro Office is one of the best document management software programs around. This nifty program helps us to organize and present massive amounts of documents on a Mac based paperless office. The program actually keeps track of data that we save and it scans any changes in paper if we ever edit a task. It also helps us share data to every other member of the office regardless of what type of Operating System that they are using. Along with its network capabilities, the program is also nifty when it comes to online sharing since it can link through sites and it can archive emails in order to create one group.

If we encounter any problems with the program, we can easily use its artificial intelligence system or AI system in order to get files and documents. By using the AI system, we will be able to answer any questions about the program and eventually we will be more productive. DEVONthink also has all the tools that we need in order to finish various types of projects and it can also access multiple databases and even file formats which are needed for workflow. It can also connect through scanners so that we can easily scan the files that we want and we can open it with the use of the software.

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