Data Rescue for Mac 4

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Data Rescue for Mac 4 Features

  • Quick Scan
  • Deleted Files Scan
  • Deep Scan
  • Clone
  • RAID Support

Data Rescue 3

Data Rescue 4 for Mac

Data Rescue 3

Data Rescue 3 is a bootable hard drive data recovery software. It is available for Mac operating systems and computers. Aside from recovering files, it is also equipped with valuable features.

The existing bootable DVD edition of Data Rescue 3 is 2. It supports Mac OS X 10.4.11, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6 and Mac OS X 10.7 operating systems. It requires a minimum RAM capacity of 512 megabytes. The suggested RAM capacity is approximately 1 gigabyte. Its compatible processors are PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5 and Intel. Its suggested CPU clock rate is approximately 1.0 gigahertz. It is capable of recovering files from the user’s primary and secondary hard disk drives.  Recovering files from the primary hard disk drive requires a storage device. The storage device will be used to run the data recovery software. It will also be used to store the recovered files. It is highly recommended that the recovered files should only be stored to the storage device. Loading the Data Rescue 3 from bootable DVD, USB drive, secondary bootable hard disk drive and secondary Mac are options for recovering files from primary hard disk drives.

Data Rescue 3 is equipped with cloning, erased file scanning, 64-bit, Deep Scanning, FileIQ, Analyze and Quick Scanning features. Cloning feature is capable of replicating and storing the entire files of a hard disk drive to another hard disk drive. Erased File Scanning feature allows the ease of scanning for erased files. 64-bit provides the faster rate of scanning. Deep Scanning locates files on hard drives that are recoverable. Its scan rate is 3 minutes for each gigabyte. FileIQ feature is used to search for unrecognizable files. Analyze feature examines the hard disk’s capacity to interpret data. Quick Scanning feature scans the hard disk volumes and identifies each file hierarchy. Customer support assistance is available by means of email and phone.