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Crave World Clock  Features and Benefits

  • Using real-world map from worlds clock to set your computer’s desktop wallpaper.

It’s really an exciting feature from this kind of software. You can use real-world map as desktop wallpaper on your PC. It displays time from many cities so you can know the current time of your clients’ location right in PC’s screen without any interruption when working.

  • You can also set real-world map with current time as a screen saver on your computer.

Crave World Clock can also be used for setting as your PC’s screen saver. So when you are out of your computer temporary, your computer will display screen saver to save energy. Well, screen saver is a real-world map with current time, even with day-and-night effect, which is updated automatically every minute, is really amazing.

  • Display time from various cities as analog and digital clocks on your desktop.

You can choose to add some analog or digital clocks, which display real time from those cities on a desktop. A nice feature, right? From Crave World Clock’s list of beautiful clock themes, you can decide what theme will be use with the clocks displaying on your computer’s desktop.

  • Reminder on “things to do” in different time zones is another useful feature of this software.

Maybe you have known about this kind of feature from another software. With Crave World Clock,you can add reminder, then you will be notified (with sound) when you need to do your phone calls,follow ups or other things relating to your work or clients, especially when dealing with customers living in other time zones. This feature of Crave World Clock helps you track your time more precise,complete your work on time.

  • Using Time Finder tool to find time for any location in seconds.

Do you need to know what time in a location? Try Time Finder tool in Crave World Clock. What you need to do is just to enter the name of city or country you want to know. After that current date and time will be shown within seconds on your desktop.