$10 Discount – Winzip 25 Pro

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Winzip 25 Pro Discount Coupon Code

Winzip 25 Pro Features

Winzip 25 Pro Discount Coupon Code

What’s new in Winzip 25 Pro

Winzip 25 Pro Discount Coupon Code

Corel Winzip 21


  • Replace Zip Files with their Content
  • Create a split Zip file from Explorer
  • Automatic computer shutdown
  • Files Pane tabs
  • Folder Trees
  • Keep track of the files you share with ZipShare
  • Access all your accounts
  • Combined Address Book
  • Create individual Zip files for streamlined sharing
  • Send What feature
  • Share Converted files
  • Files Pane Swipe
  • Add a Network Location
  • See image information in the Preview Pane


  • MP3 Compression
  • Link sharing from the cloud

Corel Winzip 16

The Corel Winzip 16 is the world’s most well-known file compression software. With more than 20 years of experience in file compression, Winzip has become the most user-friendly, most innovative, and feature rich file compression utility. This amazing tool helps you save time, improve productivity, and save space.

With the new Corel Winzip 16, zipping and unzipping files for downloading and uploading is easier and quicker than before. It uses a new zip engine that allows for higher zipping speed. It also has streamlined tools and menus that make it a lot easier to use. A handy Desktop Gadget provides instant access to Winzip’s key functions. The Corel Winzip 16 also has innovative E-mail and Zip features that make sharing your files easier than before.

The Corel Winzip 16 is the best software for compressing files. It allows you to create Zipx, LHA, and Zip files. You can also open files such as ISO, IMG, CAB, BZ2, LHA, 7Z, RAR, Zipx, Zip, and more using this software. The Corel Winzip 16 reduces JPEG files by 20 to 25 percent, allowing you to save lots of disk space. It also allows you to make self-extracting zip files.

The Corel Winzip 16 also allows you to encrypt files. You can put passwords on compressed files to protect your email attachments and confidential files. Your files will be completely secure because of the Corel Winzip 16’s strong AES encryption. You can also define your very own password policy and shred the temporary copies of your encrypted files after viewing them.

Sharing your files is also made easier in the Corel Winzip 16. It allows you to package your files into small and secure email attachments that do not bounce. You can zip and email your files directly from the Corel Winzip 16 window.


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