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Corel WinZip Courier Description:
Email attachments are zipped automatically
It works with your attachments automatically, so you don’t have to do any unnecessary steps. As usual, you will write an email, attach files to your email and then send it. When you press to send your email, before delivering your email, Winzip Courier will automatically compress these files into a zipped file with smaller size. So, you don’t have to compress files yourself. It’s really convenience, and save your time when sending with smaller size of your email.All your email attachments are protected
Are you sending personal or confidential information? Who can know what will happen when your email messages go across multiple routers, switches and servers to arrive at your recipient’s email box? Winzip Courier using 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption to protect your attachments with a secret password. Therefore, it prevents your email from any unauthorized access.
Winzip Courier uses both of strong encryption and wiping temporary file to get the most security for your email’s attachments.Winzip Courier also has options for you to choose: manual or automatic. So you can decide when you want encryption of file are done automatically, or you will do it on your own.Email attachments can be previewed
You can open and view the contents of a zip file attached to email directly in the Outlook preview pane. A new preview functionality will display content of a zip file in a tree view, so you can easily know what is in this zipped file without uncompressed it first. Double clicking on an opening file will launch its associated applications, so you can do what you need from viewing to editing and saving your file.
You are using Windows Explorer within Windows 7 and Windows Vista. With WinZip Courier, you can open and preview zip files directly as well without any problem.Seamless integration of Winzip Courier with your PC
After Winzip Courier is installed in your computer, it is automatically integrated into your email system and Microsoft Office applications. Do you want to send your email with a document, or spreadsheet or your new presentation, which has just created? Not having to wait for any more seconds, Winzip Courier will zip these files and attach to your email and then send your email with its attachments.Save with Courier’s enterprise support
Anyone cares about savings when doing work with computers, companies and organizations are no exception. Winzip Courier helps your firm save your time and expense such as it reducing transmission times, or banwidth consumption or getting more storage space for PCs after many files are zipped. And Winzip Courier is also considered as a simple and cost-effective when it comes to the security solution for protecting confidential information when sending through the internet. It’s better than invest a lot of money to build a complex system, especially with small businesses.

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