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10% coupon code - WinDVD Pro 12

WinDVD Pro 12 - Leading Blu-ray & DVD software
10% coupon code - WinDVD Pro 12

Corel WinDVD Pro 12 Discount Coupon Code

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Corel WinDVD Pro discount coupon code

Corel WinDVD Pro 12


  • Playback interface
  • File support
  • Enhanced Powerful video playback

Corel WinDVD 11

Corel WinDVD Pro Discount Coupon Code

Corel WinDVD is considered as one of the best DVD player software. With many features have been improved, Corel WinDVD gave users better experience with remarkable sound and high quality of movie display. Over 250 million copies of WinDVD has been sold.  As a recognized DVD player software, Corel WinDVD can play many popular file formats like MP4, DivX, FLV, DVD-Video, MKV,  AVCHD.

Interface is enhanced

A simple menu along with a lot of features, WinDVD becomes easier to use while meeting user’s requirements. New controls, with new Playlist tools, gives users better experience  when working with the latest version of WinDVD.

Now WinDVD has a new feature – Playlists tools
WinDVD creates playlist for continuous movie playback.

WinDVD ‘s speed and performance is enhanced

When watching or working with videos, faster is better. Like many other software, utilizing new technologies from NVIDIA, Intel and AMD used in new CPUs & GPUs, the new version of Corel WinDVD can run faster than ever before.

Motion streamliner

Removing the jitters from fast motion video by increasing frame rate and interpolating frames

Anti-shake Feature – Video Stabilization

Making your handheld home footages run in a smooth manner by stabilizing excess camera motion.

Upscaling video quality from Standard to HD

With Corel’s upscaling technology, WinDVD can help user enjoy standard DVDs in near-HD quality. The GPU-accelerated upscaling can work in different platforms.

Bookmarks Feature

You can mark favorite movie scenes when playing DVD-Video, DVD+VR and DVD-VR files, so you can watch them by opening these bookmarks later.

Controlling color correction and lighting

Corel WinDVD can change the color and lightning to get the best quality for your videos.

Capture Image/QuickClip

With a feature-rich like Corel WinDVD, you can capture a movie scene easily, and then you can save these scenes as picture or animated clip to store in your computer or share with other people.

Time Stretch

If you want to watch an entire movie in your limited time available, you can change speed of playing movie by using Time Stretch function of Corel WinDVD to control duration of the movie.

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