Corel Website Creator X6

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Corel Website Creator X6

The Easy-to-Use Website Creator

Websites are the backbone of the online world. They are used to host information, products, and data for other people to access. The importance of websites can’t be stressed enough especially in the modern world. Almost all of the daily interactions in life can be done using websites. Shopping, paying bills, chatting, and more can be done using websites. It is therefore imperative to know how to create websites in order to be prepared for hosting your own website. Websites can be created using either codes or programs. Many prefer the former since it provides more customization than the latter. Programs however are capable of creating websites quicker since everything has already been pre-rendered. Such is the case with the Corel Website Creator X6.

Create Websites Quickly

Corel Website Creator X6 uses a code-free website creation tool which allows users to create websites even if they have no experience in doing so. This program utilizes drag-and-drop media and content instead of codes. Users can place graphics, media, and text wherever they want on the page and it will be rendered in exactly that same way. Aside from this method, there is also a site wizard present which has pre-set templates and content for faster website creation. Websites created using this program are compatible with all known computer languages and codes. It can be run smoothly on all internet browsers.

Additional Features of the Program

The Corel Website Creator X6 stores the created website’s contents and graphics into a backup template in order to protect design assets. There is also a cloud burst system which allows users to download templates and use them as they wish. This program is also capable of creating interactive websites using JavaScript. There are customizable page elements pre-installed with the program as well as additional page elements that can be downloaded from the internet.

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