Corel Painter X3

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Bring Out the Da Vinci in You with Corel Painter X3

One of the most sought after medium in the digital art scene in this generation is digital painting.  While there are some who would still prefer artwork done in the traditional means of painting, there is something about digital painting that makes it an art form on its own.

If you are an aspiring digital painter, the process that you must undergo in order to paint digitally may seem intimidating because of all the new-to-your-eyes tools. But, you do not have to worry about anything because Corel launched a new software to take your craft to a whole new artsy level – check out the Corel Painter X3.

The New Tools

Brushes do not sound foreign to you when you are really into digital arts. In Corel Painter X3, there are new brushes called the Jitter Brushes. This will help in adding accents to your painting. There are almost 25 new Jitter brushes that you can choose from.

Next is the Brush Search Engine. This sure is convenient especially for those painters who have synced a lot of brushes in their set. With this search engine, it will be easier for you to navigate through your brush sets just by typing keywords or the brush names. It is supported by the Live Stroke Preview in order for you to double-check if that is the brush that you really need. Also, there is the Smart Brush Controls that will help you rapidly change brush properties.

For a more focused painting, there is the new tool called the Crosshair Cloning. This enables you to position the original image right next to the clone and do markings on where you will clone.

For those who have concerns with precise spatial depth, the Perspective Guides will help you in creating multi-dimension objects. There are 1-, 2-, or 3-point perspective that you can use.

Painters usually use inspiration guides and the Reference Image Panel is made for you to keep sight of your guide without having to switch windows.  And if you usually complain about the difficulty in transforming multiple layers, the Multi-Layer Transformation tool is now provided in the new version.

Lastly, the Flow Maps tool is intended for your natural-looking colors. It will automatically set the saturation on your canvas without having to do it entirely manually.  These and the other tools in this new software will allow you to harness the digital Da Vinci in you.