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New Corel Office replaces for Corel Home Office

Corel office is capable of doing the following tasks;

  • Create word documents.
  • Create spreadsheets.
  • Create presentations.
  • It can store all pdf files thus nullifying the need of installing software to do the same.
  • Creates a medium of sharing documents and other files because of its collaboration with drop box, which is big in sharing of files.
  • Is able to compress files because it has WinZip
  • Files can be secured because it allows them to be encrypted.

For those who find it hard to change their office application, they will find that Corel Office is pretty easy to use thus easy transition. Chances of having to obtain its different components are null because it comes as a whole set. It has been likened to Microsoft Office so that it can be used easily. For those people who use Microsoft office and wonder if the files will be attuned with Corel Office, then there is no need to worry about that because it is compatible. There is an online option for trial and error for those looking to test the waters. Its trial version lasts for a reasonable period to give a person ample time to learn more about Corel office. It is easy to use because of how it has been laid out. It has a ribbon that causes all the Corel office actions to be a click away.

Guaranteed services of Corel Office

  • Corel Write tackles documents pretty well. If letters have to be written, reports have to be drafted, memos have to be issued or even newsletters have to be created, Corel Write can do all that. When documents are being typed, it can detect spelling errors thus highlight them. word documents originally created by Microsoft word can be edited and even worked on using Corel Write.
  • Corel Calculate is the equivalent Microsoft Excel. Anything that has to do with numbers and is too cumbersome to use Corel Write. Pay rolls, budgets, and other financial documents can be created with Corel calculate. And  this is because a lot of tables have to be drawn.
  • Corel Show can be likened to Microsoft PowerPoint. For projects that require a lot of creativity due to graphics, then Corel Show can be of help. Perfect for business presentations because as much as creativity is employed, it remains professional.
  • Dropbox sharing because it has an icon that links Corel Office to Dropbox.

Individuals likely to benefit from Corel Office

  • Students have many projects, proposals, and even research papers to write about. In addition, most of them require different aspects of Corel Office to be used at the same time.
  • Business people who have many employees find it to be very beneficial. Payroll can be a pain if a proper mode is not employed in keeping the records. Budgets involve a lot of numbers and since it has Corel Calculate, then the budget can be made easily.

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