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Copernic Summarizer

Copernic Summarizer is a program which will act like your assistant when doing a research on the web. Because web pages contain lengthy information, Copernic Summarizer will give you the summary of the content, so that you won’t have to read the whole stuff. It will help you save your time to do more things. It can analyze content not just from the web, but also from .txt, .doc, .pdf or even from the clipboard.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence Technology, Copernic Summarizer can summarize the contents even from languages like German, French and Spaninsh. The summary can be saved as .txt, .doc or .html file.

Discount coupon on Copernic Summarizer Price (20% OFF) Discount
Copernic Summarizer (English) $29.95 23.96 $5.99
Copernic Summarizer (French) $29.95 23.96 $5.99
Copernic Summarizer (German) $29.95 23.96 $5.99

Copernic Desktop Search 5

Copernic Desktop Search is an excellent tool searching files throughout your hard drives. It supports almost any kind of files and will give you the instant search results.

This application has the advantage of fast indexing while your computer is in idle or not being used. It will monitor all the files while it’s running on background and will update the index automatically once a new file is added or deleted. Copernic Desktop Search not just searches through filenames, but the contents of the file as well. It help you find the specific content on your drive  with just few clicks so you don’t have to do a time-consuming search just for a single .txt or .doc file you need. The best thing about Copernic Desktop Search home version for personal use is that it’s free.

Copernic Desktop Search Discount Coupon Price Discount
Copernic Desktop Search 5 $49.95 34.96 $14.99
Copernic Desktop Search 5 EDU $44.95 31.46 $13.49

Find all data on your desktop, peripherals and network drive INSTANTLY!

“Copernic Desktop Search is a very useful tool for anyone who knows how long it takes to search today’s hundred gigabyte sized hard disk. The intuitive user interface allows one to figure out how CDS works and it allows more advanced users to utilize more powerful searching options in just a click of a mouse.”

– Best Software 4 Download review, October 2009

Copernic Agent Professional

Copernic Agent Professional is a search engine tool designed to help you find the information you need from the internet. Unlike the any other search tools, Copernic Agent Professional will collect data from the internet and will only give you the relevant results and keep you out from the irrelevant ones, it can also removes broken links as well. Search results can also be saved for future references. Using Copernic Agent Professional, you can keep track of the web content changes so that you will always be updated by receiving email notification. This search engine is not only useful for web searching, but also useful for searching through out your email as well.

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