Garmin City Navigator North America

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City Navigator North America

The City Navigator North America

The streets can be quite challenging sometimes, especially to motorists. It often has some quick twists and turns which can be quite confusing to the average driver, especially when it comes to North America. That is why drivers need to have a powerful ally on the streets so that they can drive with confidence. The City Navigator North America is a powerful driving partner software program which has a GPS system. This program is compatible with Gamin GPS system and it allows you to navigate properly through various streets and roads of North America. It has detailed road maps and it has turn directions coupled with address and intersections.

This powerful ally of the streets includes Canadian postal code support. If ever you get lost, you can actually access this program in order to help you navigate through interstates, residential roads and rural streets. It provides audio information which will speak once you need to turn. It also includes several other effective features such as roundabout turn guidance, speed limits and turn restrictions so that you will not break any road laws.  Along with the software, users will also receive a trip planning program which allows them to plan trips straight from the computer.

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