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The Melodyne Studio audio editor has all the award-winning functions that made Melodyne the best tool for professional music production. Numerous awards, euphoric test reports, and enthusiastic users are all proof that Melodyne Studio is the most intuitive and uniquely powerful audio editor to date.

The musical editing possibilities of this software is endless. It can be used for simply correcting errors or for creative refashioning of audio material. Melodyne Studio allows you to create the perfect vocals. The timing and intonation corrections you make with this software are practically inaudible.

Macros help you correct the notes faster and easier. The notes can also be dragged using your mouse to the correct position or pitch. You can also fine-tune the notes’ length, volume, or vibrato intensity.

Some audio editors only let you edit one track at a time, but Melodyne Studio allows you to edit multiple tracks, and you can edit as many as you like. It allows you to easily create multi-voice arrangements using only one voice from a source track. You can also copy the pitches from one track to another and quantize tracks using the other tracks for reference.

Only Melodyne Studio offers this kind of creative freedom and flexibility for arrangements. Entire audio arrangements can be created using Melodyne Studio. This program can also be united seamlessly via ReWire or Melodyne Bridge with your preferred workstation. Melodyne Studio has a lot of functions and features that allow you to work with audio easier and faster.

Benefits and Features:

–        can work in stand-alone mode

–        can be linked via ReWire to compatible DAWs in Windows and Mac OS X

–        multi-track audio arranging and editing using the award-winning Melodyne technology for Windows and Mac OS X

–        integrated mixing console that includes hosting capability for instruments and effects (for audio-to-MIDI function)

–        audio-to-MIDI function: convert monophonic audio material into MIDI for real-time control of the synthesizers

–        can be activated & used on up to 2 computers or via iLok

–        French, German, Japanese, English, and Spanish manual and user interface

–        arrange and edit an unlimited number of audio tracks

–        refashion melodies, rhythm, and timing

–        correct timing errors and intonation automatically or manually

–        modify various note parameters (e.g. formant spectrum, vibrato, volume)

–        time stretching functions

–        pitch shifting functions

–        (re-)quantization

–        modify the volume, pitch, position, and length of notes in rhythmic, complex, and monophonic sound material

–        copy, cut and paste the notes in complex, rhythmic and monophonic sound material

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