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Melodyne essential

If you want an affordable audio editor that does all the basic functions right, Melodyne Essential is the software for you. Melodyne Essential is the most affordable audio editing software from Melodyne. It only offers Melodyne’s main tool that allows you to do some basic editing of timing and pitch. The user-friendly handling and high sound quality of Melodyne Essential is the same as those you find in the full-sized edition of Melodyne, the Melodyne Editor.

Melodyne Essential is perfect for beginners who are making their first entry into the Melodyne world. It allows you to correct melodic instruments that are out of tune and edit vocals that are off-key. The Timing errors in rhythmic and melodic material can also be easily corrected with the Melodyne Essential.

Melodyne Essential gives you a lot of award-winning Melodyne functionality for a cheap price. If you feel that you need more advanced editing options and functions, you can easily upgrade Melodyne Essential to the advanced and feature-rich Melodyne Editor edition. To upgrade, all you have to do is pay the price difference between the two editions. After purchasing the upgrade, you will get access to the Melodyne Editor without downloading any new files or without doing a fresh install of the software.

Melodyne Essential is a great alternative for beginners who want to see what Melodyne can do before they decide to purchase the more advanced editions. If you have not tried a Melodyne product yet, then trying Melodyne Essential is a good way to start.

Benefits and Features:

–        Upgrade to Melodyne Editor without additional downloads or a fresh install

–        German, Japanese, English, Spanish, and French manual and user interface.

–        can work as a plug-in (AU, RTAS, VST) in compatible DAWs under Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X

–        suitable for complex, rhythmic and monophonic sound material

–        64-bit and 32-bit support

–        Has a stand-alone mode

–        Supports Audio Random Access (ARA) for compatible DAWs

–        can connect using Rewire to compatible DAWs

–        single-track audio editing using the award-winning Melodyne technology

–        activate & use on up to 2 computers or via iLok

–        automatic or manual correction of timing errors and intonation

–        (re-)quantization

–        time stretching and pitch shifting functions

–        refashioning of melodies, rhythm, and timing

–        copy, cut and paste notes in complex, rhythmic and monophonic sound material

–        modify the pitch, position, and length of notes in rhythmic, complex, and monophonic sound material

–        timing quantization of notes via macro in complex and rhythmic material

–        pitch quantization of notes via macro in monophonic material

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