Celemony Melodyne Editor 4

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What's new in Melodyne 4

  • New soundscapes with the Sound Editor
  • Multitrack Note Editing
  • Track-transcending macros
  • New tempo intelligence
  • Work better with ARA
  • Better note detection
  • Time-stretching for entire mixes
  • More elegant, user-friendly and modern
  • Dynamic just intonation
  • Many more keyboard shortcuts

Celemony Melodyne Editor 2.0

Melodyne editor

The Melodyne Editor (now is Melodyne Editor 2) allows you to edit and polish your audio like never before. With this software, you get high quality vocal polishing for your recordings. You can easily remove the wrong notes from your piano recordings with this software.

The Melodyne Editor gives you incredible rhythmic and harmonic freedom. It is currently the most powerful editor by Melodyne because it has all the award-winning capabilities that made Melodyne great.

The Melodyne Editor features Direct Note Access technology that allows you to access the individual notes in a polyphonic audio material. You can correct the wrong notes in piano recordings, change chords in guitar accompaniments after you have recorded them, or refashion a sample lick.

With the Melodyne Editor, you have the ultimate freedom to create anything you want. It allows you to create things that you only dreamed about before. This software is the most flexible and intuitive audio editor to date. You can easily move audio notes to a different position or change them into different pitches. You can also make the notes shorter, longer, softer, or louder. You can also easily add and delete notes from chords. With this software, you can turn imperfection to perfection.

The Melodyne Editor also gives you access to a multitude of scales and allow you to create your own scales. You can also extract scales from sound recordings. With this audio editor, you have greater control over the timing of your audio material. You can also control the time course within the notes.

The Melodyne Editor (Melodyne Editor 2) gives you the power to shape audio into almost anything you wish. This audio editor is the future of sound editing, and it can be yours today.

Benefits and Features:

–        DNA direct access to the individual notes within chords

–        single-track audio editing using Melodyne technology

–        suitable for rhythmic, polyphonic, monophonic, and complex audio material

–        can work as a plug-in (RTAS, AU, VST) in compatible DAWs under Windows and Mac OS X

–        can connect via Rewire to a compatible DAW

–        features a stand-alone mode

–        ARA Audio Random Access support for compatible DAWs

–        can be activated and used on up to 2 computers or via iLok

–        English, Japanese, Spanish, German, and French manual and user interface.

–        MIDI file export

–        time stretching and pitch shifting

–        (re-)quantization

–        extract scales from recordings

–        edit and create your own scales

–        refashion harmonies, melodies, rhythm, and timing

–        manual or auto-correction of timing errors and intonation

–        modify various note parameters (e.g. vibrato, volume, formant spectrum)

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