Business Accountz Basic / Professional / Enterprise 2012

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Business Accountz is one of the major players in the current market of business accounting software. Built on the premise that accounting should not be limited to those with bookkeeping experience, this new program from Accountz provides an easy yet comprehensive solution to the endless paperwork required in a business setting. With its straightforward approach to accounting basics, Business Accountz is turning the small proprietors into self-appointed bookkeepers.

Business Accountz Basic

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On its latest edition, a truly useful feature has been added to the Business Accountz system—the Eazy Button. It is an intuitive button that sets everything in the right places. Even with little knowledge in creating balance sheets and preparing VAT returns, this new technology in accounting programs will help you perform such complicated tasks in no time and without compromising the accuracy of your data. All you need to do is to point over the desired field, enter the figures and Eazy Button will take care of the rest.

Whether you are new to business world or already an experienced proprietor, you can enjoy a lot of benefits just from using Business Accountz. For one, it saves you more money by eliminating the need for a bookkeeper. The automated options, on the other hand, help save your time so you can focus on more productive aspects of the business.

Benefits and Features:

  • Eazy Button as your reliable assistant in all the processes concerning business accounting.
  • Automatic double-entry system for debit and credit without the repetitive data inputting.
  • Simplified fields for easier bookkeeping.
  • Rapid Data Entry Technology eliminates time-consuming input processes.
  • Submits your VAT returns automatically to HMRC via accredited online submission.
  • Fully-editable records and tables for making changes.
  • Provides one-click option for creating and viewing Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and other business-related transactions.
  • Allows export to spreadsheet for final polishing before sending reports to your accountant.
  • Allows import from CSV so you do not need to manually input the previous records.
  • Features a nominal ledger for assigning nominal accounts with respective business transactions.
  • Print-ready reports for accountant submission.
  • Configure the appearance of the reports by adjusting and sorting the columns according to your preferences.
  • Free access to the online community for support and other helpful forum assistance.

Business Accountz has recently been named the easiest tool for managing business money by top software analysts online. With its no-frills approach to business accounting, it is no doubt that many people prefer Accountz over other similar programs.

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