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Crystal Desktop by Brightek Product Description

From Brightek Software, innovative developers of CloudTune and UploadFTP comes Crystal Desktop 3.9, a Virtual Desktop Manager. In this day and age, multitasking is a necessity for efficient work, and desktops can become virtually cluttered with simultaneously-open applications. Switching between windows can become a nightmare as work-related programs get mixed up with your music player, your social media browsers and open widgets.

Enter Brightek Software’s Crystal Desktop. Crystal Desktop allows you to manage your desktop efficiently by grouping open programs and applications conveniently, making working on multiple projects a breeze. You can easily segregate your open applications to different virtual desktops – say, one for your word documents, another for your open browsers, and another for your music – and switch between them with a customizable keystroke or mouse click.

Crystal Desktop also seamlessly integrates with your taskbar, making it absolutely convenient to switch between your virtual desktops with the click of a button. To make differentiating between your virtual desktops intuitive, Crystal Desktop allows you to customize each virtual desktop with its own background image and set of icons, or even different screen resolutions. To move a window from one virtual desktop to another, simply drag and drop, or right click on the top of the window and select which one want to move it to.

Completely graphical in its point-and-click interface, Crystal Desktop is fully compatible with 32 and 64-bit for Windows 7.

Benefits and Features:

-Manage your virtual desktops easily
-Conveniently group applications
-Switch between your virtual desktops with customizable keystrokes
-Seamless taskbar integration
-Customize each of your virtual desktop with its own wallpaper
-Customize icons for each of your desktop
-Move windows between desktops through drag and drop
-User-friendly point-and-click interface
-Stunning effects
-Completely compatible with Windows Vista/Windows 7 User Accounts

Crystal Desktop is rated 5 stars at Fiber Download, Best Vista Downloads, Download Ready and Brothersoft.

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