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Bolide Software All My Books discount coupon code

Bolide Software - All My Books

All my books is a software program developed by Bolidesoft specially designed for book lovers and book collectors. This is made to organize your book collection and store information about your favorite books like the book title, the author. It works like a catalog which can be found in libraries. You can even save images like the book covers and the author's photo.

With All my books, you can keep track and monitor almost everything about your book collection. You can list the name of the person who borrowed your book and the name of the book he or she borrowed. In this way, you’re never going to lose your collection.

Data stored using All my books can even be viewed online. You can also export the data to different formats like HTML, XLS or PDF which can easily be printed.

Bolide Software All My Movies discount coupon code

Bolide Software - All My Movies

All my movies is software program specially designed by Bolidesoft for movie collectors to help them organize and manage their DVD, CD, VHS collection. It is an easy-to-use program that works like a catalog where you can store information about your movies like the movie title, the name of the director, actors and actresses names. Information about movies can even be downloaded online by the program itself, so you don’t have to type all the details about your movie collection.

With All my movies, your collection can easily be managed and you’ll never lose track of your DVDs which have been borrowed by your friends.

Your catalog made using All my movies can even be viewed online and can be exported in various formats like HTML, XLS or even PDF for easy printing.

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Discount on Bolide Software
Price (15% OFF)
All My Books $ 34.95 33.96 $5.99
All My Movies $ 44.95 38.21 $6.74
All My Books + All My Movies bundle* $ 67.95 61.15

*10% OFF

Bolide Software Audio Comparer Discount Coupon Code

Bolide Software - Audio Comparer

Got a large collection of audio files? Tired of manually looking for the similar files or duplicates in your song collection? Audio comparer is the best tool for you. The program is developed by Bolidesoft to help music collectors in managing their audio files in their music library.

Audio Comparer can recognize the actual sounds from your music files. It can remember the sound and will look throughout your music directory to see if there is a duplicate of the file no matter what the bit rate or the format it may be. Using Audio Comparer, more space can be saved by removing the duplicates of the music files. This is a very powerful tool which can be used with various file formats. It supports MP3, WAV, WMV, OGG and etc.

Bolide Software Image Comparer Discount Coupon Code

Bolide Software- Image Comparer

Image comparer is a software program by Bolidesoft used for managing image collections. It is designed to help the users find the duplicates or clones of the images they have on their directory folders. Helping you save more space by deleting unnecessary duplicates. It features the “content based image search technology” to help you find not just the exact duplicates, but the similar pictures as well. It can even detect similar images despite of its brightness, contrast or size. Image comparer is also used by many professional photographers and webmasters to help them find the duplicates of the pictures and delete it to save more space. It supports various image file formats which includes JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP and other image files.

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Discount on Bolide Software
Price (15% OFF)
Audio Comparer $ 34.95 29.71 $5.24
Image Comparer $ 34.95 29.71 $5.24
Audio Comparer + Image Comparer bundle* $ 49.95 44.95 $5.00

*10% OFF

Bolide Software Hide Photos Discount Coupon Code

Bolide Software Hide Photos

  • Hide Photos using AES-encrypted secure container to store your pictures, which have been protected by this program. Hide Photos has an Explorer-like interface as well, so you can access your image easier than before.
  • Hide Photos also has a function to preview your secured images as full-color thumbnails, so it's more useful for searching your pictures.

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Discount on Bolide Software
Price (15% OFF)
Hide Photos $ 29.95 25.46 $4.49

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