Bitdefender Sphere 2013

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Overall Protection with the Bitdefender Sphere 2013

The Bitdefender Sphere 2013 is a complete package for almost every security need that you have for your gadgets. Unlike other security suites, this brand new offering from Bitdefender can really offer you an all-around protection not only for your PCs or laptops. There are also several key features of this security program that can be used for your smartphones and even for your tablet PCs. To give you a better idea on the scope of security sphere that this program can provide, here are some of the key features that this program has to offer.

  • It has one of the best antivirus and anti-spyware technology available today. More and more potent security issues threaten internet users every day. To keep up with this, this program can be used to scan, protect and counter any virus and malware that you may encounter in the web.
  • As stated earlier, this program has a wide range of compatibility with many of today’s gadgets. Aside from PCs, the Bitdefender Sphere 2013 is also compatible with Macs, as well as Android products. It is also said to be compatible with the upcoming Windows 8 OS.
  • You would be able to get more security because of its anti-phishing and anti-spam features. Logging in to your Facebook account or to your online bank account has never been safer because this program is designed to prevent hackers and phishers from getting your password.
  • Having this program in your system feels like nothing.  It will not slow down your gadget, nor will it interrupt you with annoying pop-up messages.

Security suites are, now more than ever, necessary to make sure that your gadget and your data are safe. Knowing that you are safe from the potential harms of surfing the net can help make your internet-centered lifestyle much more enjoyable. The Bitdefender Sphere 2013, with all of its many features, ca n be your best decision for you laptop, smartphone or PC.

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