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Protecting their personal computers from malware and hackers has become a serious concern for a lot of individuals and for this reason; they are heavily dependent on famous antivirus software companies. BitDefender is one such well top notch security company that has been safeguarding millions of PCs across the globe from malware and hacker threats.

BitDefender has a family of software products, which are designed to offer maximum protection to its users and these includes anti-spyware, firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-phishing protection.

BitDefender Internet Security – Features

BitDefender Internet Security has been tested and certified by leading test labs like AV-Test and Virus Bulletin. Considering many new threats that are released each day, BitDefender scoring a 100% in various protection tests is very impressive. The latest version of BitDefender Internet Security is equipped with all security programs, so you get all the protection you require to secure your computer from a host of threats like keyloggers, viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, and much more.


BitDefender Internet Security protects your system from several malware threats such as adware, Trojans, viruses, worms, spywares, and browser hijackers. Its specially designed intrusion detection tools block the hacker attacks by using a hacker technique only – dynamic-link library code injection.

BitDefender even provides protection to computer memory by blocking its access to hackers and protects your computer from attempts to change its system files and registry keys.


Antivirus is graded as one of the most important things one should check during the purchase of any internet security software. BitDefender has a powerful antivirus software program, which has been certified and approved by various protection labs such as ICSA, etc. BitDefender’s superior antivirus program scans all incoming and outgoing system communications, thereby blocking malicious threats before they infiltrate the system.


BitDefender Internet Security has a very effective 2-way firewall program that helps in blocking hackers, malware threats and cyber criminals. It can efficiently work at any given place, so you can connect to the internet safely with confidence. Its integrated Wi-Fi monitor protects the system from unwanted attempts to access your network.

BitDefender Internet Security - Pros

- Its autopilot feature provides efficient and trusted security.
- BitDefender’s cloud-based protection system collects threats which have no known cure.
- The gamer mode feature of the software is designed to protect your system and prevent interruptions as you play games and watch videos on your computer.

BitDefender Total Security - Most premium security suites

BitDefender Internet Security lacks file shredding or file encryption, but these tools are available in total security - one of the most premium security suites.


BitDefender Internet Security & Total Security are very impressive and highly recommended for your Personal Computer or Mac. With its wide array of exclusively designed protection tools, it has been approved by various noteworthy experts.

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