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AVG TuneUp 2017


  • Updates your essential programs
  • Powerful PC cleaner – Temporary files in Office 2016, Snaglt, Windows 10 & more


  • Program Deactivator
  • Powerful PC cleaner – Hidden browser traces from the latest IE, Edge, Chrome and Firefox
  • Stops small issues from becoming real problems


The Advantages of the AVG PC Tuneup

The AVG PC Tuneup helps in improving the computer’s speed through its various features that maximizes the system’s performance. It has an Internet Optimizer feature that minimizes system lags and unnecessary interruptions for optimum online speed. This is done by looking the connection settings and automatically adjusts to the one that works best. The Registry Cleaner fixes registry keys that slow down performance. It removes duplicate files, identifies junk files and cleans up unnecessary registries that would cause system downtime.

AVG PC Tuneup also has a disk defragmenter that manages the system hard drive for a more stable and better performance. Having a more organized system disk can improve boot speed and application response time. It also has a Windows Registry Defragmenter for an added fix against fragmentations, slack spaces and structural defects.

This also has a Track Eraser as an added privacy protection that erases records of computer activities such as opened documents and programs and any other online activities. It also has a file recovery feature that can recover any damaged and accidentally deleted files. AVG also has a file shredder in case any confidential file and data should be removed and won’t be accessed without proper permissions. It has different options for shredding depending on the file’s confidentiality. The Disk Wiper also allows users to clean out their hard drivers so no one else can access them. The system restore option can be turned off to make sure that no copied files will be created while the disk is being erased. The AVG PC Tuneup also has the Disk Doctor and disk explorer that scans the system for any lost cluster, bad sectors and directory errors and keeps them in order.

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