AVG Internet Security 2012

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Features of the AVG Internet Security 2012

The AVG Internet Security package includes AVG’s proven anti-virus, antimalware and antispyware features that protect the computer against identity thieves and hackers. AVG’s trademark Identity Protection keeps personal data safe and secure even while shopping, banking or browsing. Besides preventing identity theft, AVG’s firewall keeps off intruders who’ll try to illegally access any other confidential information.

The AVG Internet Security also enhances the computer’s performance through the AVG Accelerator, which cleans up and closes unnecessary applications. It allows for a faster system start-up, as well as having Flash and HD video support for faster online video streaming. It also continually updates its virus database in the AVG Protective Cloud and automatically upgrades the computer’s defenses to ensure that computer is protected from evolving threats. This also has an Auto Fix feature, which determines if the protection level is updated and shows an alert message if a security risk has been detected. The AVG Game Mode allows the user to keep playing games while AVG Internet Security runs in the background without causing any lags in the system’s performance. It also safeguards the computer against hackers tapping into the game network to access game files and identity information.

The Anti-Spam, Online Shield and Email Scanner are the extra protection against phishing software and also helps clears the inbox of spam and virus emails. The LinkScanner, SearchShield and Surf-Shield and AVG Social Networking Protection protect users while browsing and provide alerts on any potentially harmful site. For more information and further assistance about this product, the AVG Internet Security has a technical support team available 24/7.

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