Autodesk Maya 2018

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Autodesk Maya is one of the very best software for those who are interested in creating and editing films, games and other related interests. This award-winning product allows its users to have more control and freedom in their works with 3 dimensional projects. Many experts in graphics design, as well as the video and game developers, recommend this amazing product for everyone looking for the best tool in transforming their imagination into real and actual works.

Those who use the Autodesk Maya are in total awe of the product’s many features and user-friendliness. Autodesk Maya does not intimidate first time users and people can get used to it faster than any other similar software in the market. It can run in the Windows OS, Linux OS and Mac OS X, so anybody can experience what the product has to offer. The product is perfectly engineered to run smoothly to avoid interfering with the user’s creative processes.

Benefits and Features

  • Autodesk Maya offers a wide range of simulation tools that is really perfect to create a more realistic, original and high-quality creations. You can modify each tiny aspect of your work with the aid of the newest technology: Maya Fluid Effects, Maya Nucleus Unified Simulation Framework, Maya nCloth, Maya nParticles and Maya nHair modules.
  • The user interface of Autodesk Maya allows it users to be more productive. It features almost every tool and workflow features that you might need while creating or editing your works.
  • Autodesk Maya is quite easy to learn because of the availability of online tutorial videos, third party books and training that is available for anyone. There is also a large online community of Autodesk Maya users that you can join in order to learn more tips and tricks about the product.
  • Autodesk Maya is no rigid software because it allows you to customize its pipeline to suit your needs. You can personalize your Autodesk Maya so that it will feature the specialized tools that you always use. This is possible because of the Maya Embedded Language and Python scripting, as well as C++ API.
  • Your final work will look more beautiful if done with the Autodesk Maya because of the special CGI tools featured in this product. These tools include Autodesk Humanik full-body inverse kinematics and advanced skinning.
  • You can export your work using the new Animation Transfer Object Model or ATOM.

The creators and developers of Autodesk Maya have received numerous awards throughout the years including the Academy Award for Technical Achievement.

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