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What's new in AutoCAD LT 2018


  • High-resolution monitor support


  • PDF import
  • User interface
  • External file references
  • Share design views
  • Object selection
  • Text to Mtext

Autodesk AUTOCAD LT is a software program geared towards creating 2 dimensional designs on a digital scale. With the Autodesk AUTOCAD LT you can be able to create reliable and detailed drafts that are compatible with the DWGTM format. Yes, this may all seem so technical so to put this all into simple terms, the Autodesk AUTOCAD LT is like a complex drawing tool. It allows users – engineers and the like – to create drafts and designs that are in a 2 dimensional form.Like most top of the line software programs, the Autodesk AUTOCAD LT is the latest instalment in a series of programs that have successfully been utilized by many throughout the years. With the new Autodesk AUTOCAD LT , new features have been added and the overall function of the software has been enhanced. Here are some of the features included in the Autodesk AUTOCAD LT :

  • Enhanced working space

Work efficiency when using Autodesk AUTOCAD LT is enhanced with the new workspaces. Toolbars, menus, tabs and other panels are redesigned in such a way that they are easier to find and manage. Working with Autodesk AUTOCAD LT is almost like working on an actual desk space.

  • PDF support

Like most other programs, the Autodesk AUTOCAD LT supports saving and sharing of PDF files. Nowadays, most digital editing programs make use of the PDF format since it is one of the most popular and widely preferred file formats around. Saving and support in PDF format increases the accuracy and efficiency of processing of a file when using Autodesk AUTOCAD LT.

  • Create annotations on 2 dimensional works

The Autodesk AUTOCAD LT is able to simulate an actual physical drawing board in the sense that you can create annotations on the drawing itself. The best part about this is that even though you create annotations on top of the drawing it does not in any way alter it.