Autodesk AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 2018

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Inventor LT: 3D mechanical CAD software. AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite: get Inventor LT and AutoCAD LT. Available for Windows 64-bit.

AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 2018

Inventor LT features:

  • Model-based definition
  • Free-form tools
  • Direct edit
  • 3D CAD data import/export

Additional Inventor LT features :

  • DWG interoperability
  • Parametric modeling
  • 3D PDF
  • Additive manufacturing


The AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite is part of the software product line of Autodesk that aims to help professionals in making 3D digital designs and models. The AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite is a combination of the AutoCAD LT and the AutoCAD Inventor LT software. The combination of these two 3D graphics software makes the LT Suite much more powerful and effective in integrating 3D designs and creations into the traditional 2D works.

The AutoCAD LT has always been the choice of professionals when it comes to more detailed drafts without comprising productivity and speed. It allows the software users to be more accurate and efficient in their making and documenting their drawings and drafts. On the other hand, the Autodesk Inventor LT Software is needed to add mechanical designs into the drafts and drawings created by the professionals. It adds the 3D designs and details, as well as other related functions, in order to be more productive and to create more original works.

Benefits and Features

  • You can use the AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite to document your designs and ideas with the use of the new tools and features dedicated to make you work more efficiently and accurately.
  • You can share and publish your works in several types of formats like the usual DWF file or a PDF format.
  • You can now integrate other external files into your works at the AutoCAD inventor LT Suite. Examples of files that you can use are the DWGs, JPEG images, spread sheets from the Microsoft Excel and PDF files.
  • The AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite is also fully compatible with other Autodesk software that you might need to make your work more detailed and original.
  • This specific software can work in any operating system of your choice. Be it Windows OS or Mac OS X, the AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite is guaranteed to work seamlessly and beautifully.
  • The new Autodesk 360 is also fully integrated into the AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite so that you can easily store and access your files anywhere you want to. You can also more easily share and get files from other others who are also using any Autodesk software.
  • You will also need less time in getting used to the user interface of the AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite because there it is improved to make the search for the tools and command list much easier.

The AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite is a great buy for professionals especially because it incorporates two of the best drafting software that you can find.

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