ASICS Men’s GT-2160 Running Shoe

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ASICS a very popular brand is and always has been known by runners as a company that makes very durable, high quality and highly rated running shoes. Well known for their Gel technology in which they embed it the soles of their shoes, ASICS running shoes are without a doubt has some of the best cushioning running shoes available in the market.

The Perfect Cushion

ASICS Men’s GT-2160 Running Shoe

One particular running shoe is very popular among entry level and experienced runners alike, the ASICS Men’s GT-2160 running shoe. Released last November of 2010, this running shoe is the next model from its predecessor the ASICS GT-2150. The ASICS GT 21-60 is awarded by Runner’s World, the world leading running magazine, as an Editor’s Choice. Having a $100 price tag though a bit pricy, one will not only benefit from high-end technology used on the shoe but also will experience a shoe that has been regarded by many as the one of the best shoes ever designed truly worth every penny.

The ASICS Men’s GT 21-60 running shoe, weighing around 12.1 ounces, offers the runner a great cushioned feel and ride when running. Designed to have different ASICS systems one will feel the difference from a regular running shoe to the state-of-art technologically advanced footwear that is the ASICS Men’s GT 21- 60. Featuring ASICS’ Impact Guidance System, which is a design that helps the runner’s feet to move in a natural way and the P.H.F (Personal Heel Fit System) on each sides and on the middle in which the shoe fits itself to the form of the heel of the user, the runner will immediately fall in love with the fit of this shoe at the same time help him to stride in a very natural manner. Aside from those, the shoe also features the company’s famous Gel Cushioning System which is a designed to act as shock absorbers that help in giving the runner a very cushioned ride. The ASICS Men’s GT 21-60’s gels are placed in the mid foot as having gels visible in the rear foot and ASICS twist GEL on the forefoot.

The ASICS Men’s GT 21-60 running shoe is recommended for those runners who have a normal arch and tends with mild to moderate over pronation. In summary, the ASICS Men’s GT 21-60 running shoe is a great, comfortable, breathable, and durable high mileage shoe to those who run long distances and wants a great cushioned ride.

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