AppleCare Protection Plan

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An average of 90 days of supportive telephone technical support comes in situ with every Apple and Mac interactive display coupled with a 1-year warranty of parts and functionality. Alongside with the Apple Care Protection Plan, one can extend coverage up to three years counting from the purchase date of your hardware or software. After-sales services are also great; because you can directly get access to their telephone technical support anytime of the day or night. You can always inquire or ask queries or solutions for your problems on OSX, Apple Hardware, as well as other Apple applications such as iLife and iWork. You will be very satisfied and pleased with their convenient service options and get global repair coverage for Mac and Apple.

The Mac and Apple is a superb integrated and interactive system, which makes it relatively convenient because it has a one-stop functionality of support and service to a wide variety of clientele; because Apple specifically designs the computer, the integrated operating system, and relatively most of its schemed applications. It is a positive thing though that most problems or concerns can be determined in a single call which makes AppleCare Protection Plan the best in its league of giving one-stop support and service from distinguished Apple experts.

These are what you will get if you have AppleCare Protection Plan:

  • Direct Access to Apple experts
  • Global repair coverage
  • Onsite repair for desktop computers: request that a technician come to your work site.
  • Mail-in repair for portable computers and Apple displays: Mail in your Mac or Apple display using a prepaid shipping box provided by Apple.
  • Carry-in repair: Take your Mac or Apple display to an Apple Retail Store or other Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Overall, AppleCare Protection Plan provides extensive global repair coverage, which covers both labor and function parts. These services are explicitly covered by b expert Apple authorized technicians all over the world.

The things covered by Mac are the following:

  • Your Mac computer
  • Included accessories such as the power adapter
  • Apple memory (RAM)
  • AirPort Express Base Station, AirPort Extreme Base station, or Time Capsule
  • MacBook Air SuperDrive (for MacBook Air and Mac mini only)
  • Apple display purchased with your Mac

Services covered by Apple:

  • Your Apple Display
  • Built-in camera, mic, and speakers
  • Included power cord
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