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30% Off on Antamedia products


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Antamedia HotSpot Software Discount Coupon Code

Antamedia HotSpot Software

Antamedia HotSpot Software is one of the in-demand software programs available in the market. A lot of professionals are hooked with this kind of software since it makes their work lighter and easier. Antamedia HotSpot Software allows users to manage their own wireless network with use of any personal computer and a router. Furthermore, this software can be used to manage one router or even a large network, which covers a whole neighborhood or city. Antamedia HotSpot Software consists of several helpful tools that let users to configure the number of people who can access the internet, control download, upload and bandwidth quota, get real-time statistics and usage reports, and a whole lot more.

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Antamedia HotSpot Software
Price (20% OFF) Discount
Antamedia HotSpot – Lite Edition (20 Concurrent Users) $ 199 159.20 $ 39.80
Antamedia HotSpot – Standard Edition (Unlimited) $ 399 319.20 $ 79.80
Antamedia HotSpot – Premium Edition (Unlimited) $ 599 479.20 $ 119.80
Antamedia HotSpot – Enterprise Edition (Unlimited) $ 999 799.20 $ 199.80
Remote HotSpot Operator $ 179 161.10 $ 17.90
Credit Card Support for Antamedia HotSpot $ 99 89.10 $ 9.90


Antamedia Internet Cafe Software Discount Coupon Code

Antamedia Internet Caffe Software

Running any business – such as an internet café or a gaming center – can be complicated especially when multiple computers are running at the same time. With this, Antamedia Internet Café software was created and produced to help owners have an easy job to succeed in this kind of business. It has all the features needed to benefit both the owner and customers of the internet café. With the help of Antamedia Internet Café software, unwanted advertisements will be lessen and it lets the owner easily collect payments from his or her customers, manage each operating computer, gather user information, monitor and secure the network and many more. All these features will maximize the owner’s productivity, which may lead to less hassles and more income.

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Antamedia Kiosk Software Discount Coupon Code

Antamedia Kiosk Software

Since there are more and more people who become knowledgeable in the computer world, hacking and other forms of destroying a system are becoming prominent. Because of this, it is important for computer users to have system warriors such as Antamedia Kiosk Software. This software program configures a computer to be a self-service kiosk. It basically has tools that block hacking activities from an outside source. At the same time, it also builds restrictions in accessing the system, drives, folder, programs and other elements of a computer. With the use of Antamedia Kiosk Software, the user is ensured of a cleaner and safer computer.

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Antamedia Point of Sale Software Discount Coupon Code

Antamedia Point of Sale – POS Software

Keeping track of all information involved in a business is one of the hardest jobs as this involves a lot of time and effort, which may also result to monetary leakage. To avoid unwanted business outputs, Antamedia Point of Sale was invented. This is a user-friendly computer tool that serves as the inventory control of a business. Antamedia Point of Sale helps the user track all sales, vendors, customers, purchase orders and other business elements. At the same time, reports and statistics are also provided for the user to have an overview of all transactions done within a given period.

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Antamedia POS Software
Price (20% OFF) Discount
Point Of Sale – Lite Edition $ 49 39.20 $ 9.80
Point Of Sale – Standard Edition $ 99 79.20 $ 19.80
Point Of Sale – Premium Edition $ 149 119.20 $ 29.80
Point Of Sale – Enterprise Edition $ 399 319.20 $ 79.80

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Discount Coupon Code

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

Antamedia Bandwith Manager is a software program that has all features needed for an administrator to control the amount of bandwidth that is being used by others who has an access to the network. The administrator can set a default speed for new users, as well as limit the internet access for some. Moreover, download and upload limits can also be configured by the administrator. By controlling the bandwidth and limiting downloads and uploads, the administrator will be able to save on internet costs. Other than these, Antamedia Bandwith Manager also allows the administrator to watch real time online activities of each user so that he or she can track unnecessary activities that may affect the business.

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Antamedia Print Manager Discount Coupon Code

Antamedia Print Manager

Printing several kinds of document is one of the most done activities in a business. Since a lot of money can be wasted with wrong or useless prints, it is advisable for a business to own a software that can help save in printing costs and the software Antamedia Print Manager can be the answer. The administrator of this software will be able to set printing policies so that other users will have limited access to printing jobs. As a result, Antamedia Print Manager helps large companies save at least 35 percent on printing costs while savings for smaller ones can reach up to 64 percent.

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