Antamedia Print Manager

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Antamedia Print Manager

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Antamedia Print Manager
Price (20% OFF) Discount
Antamedia Print Manager – Lite Edition $ 99 79.20 $ 19.80
Antamedia Print Manager – Standard Edition $ 199 159.20 $ 39.80
Antamedia Print Manager – Premium Edition $ 399 319.20 $ 79.80
Antamedia Print Manager – Corporate Edition $ 599 479.20 $ 119.80

Printing Made Easier With Antamedia Print Manager

Almost all cyber cafés find it a necessity to have printing services since most Internet users are more than willing to pay for hardcopies of their works. With Antamedia Print Manager, you can do just that. This software allows you to monitor the payments of your printing services. You are given the freedom to limit and restrict computer users from using printing services.

With this software, you are given full support for all Windows Operating Systems. Plus, Antamedia Print Manager also lets you control the number of printers installed in your café. Even the number of user accounts is monitored, which results in an efficient printer managing system. Of course, you yourself are given the power to set your own prices. You can even classify if a specific printing price is for colored or black-and-white printing. Print Manager also comes with an automatic print job control, which lets the software specify the degree of importance of a print job. This product would not be complete without a feature that lets you set schedules, and this manager lets you do just that.

Antamedia Print Manager is one of the must-have products for those in need of reliable and feature-filled printing software.