Antamedia Kiosk Software

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Antamedia Kiosk Software

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Antamedia Kiosk Software
Price (20% OFF) Discount
Antamedia Kiosk Software – Lite Edition $ 55 44.00 $ 11.00
Antamedia Kiosk Software – Standard Edition $ 99 79.20 $ 19.80
Antamedia Kiosk Software – Premium Edition $ 159 127.20 $ 31.80
Antamedia Kiosk Software – Enterprise Edition $ 199 159.20 $ 39.80

Why You Need to Use Antamedia Kiosk Software

Companies will have a lot to like about Antamedia Kiosk Software. Simply put, the software allows users to turn their PC into a self-service kiosk. Those who have used this product have experienced a 70% surge of new customers and a 35% decrease in waiting time during customer transactions.

Antamedia Kiosk Software allows you to replace system shells by blocking people’s access to Windows Explorer and other specific folders in the computer. This prevents any form of unwanted access by your customers. Kiosk is hack-proof and it promises an Internet business that focuses on safety and security in terms of maintaining your top-secret files. It also allows you to block specific shortcut keys that can disrupt Internet usage such as Ctrl-Alt-Del and Ctrl-Esc. This service can be used with any Windows Operational System, all the more reason for you to switch to the latest versions such as Vista and Windows 7.

Antamedia Kiosk Software is everything you need to have in terms of having a safe and hack-free web business. By providing customers with limited browsing, secured web browsers, and various password protection programs, you are entitled to having a business that will grow due to its consistency when it comes to web security.