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Antamedia Internet Caffe Software

Easy, powerful, reliable, user-friendly cybercafe management software

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The Leading Antamedia Internet Cafe Software

If you are one of the numerous cyber café owners out there, then you can never go wrong in having Antamedia Internet Caffé Software. It offers the utmost security for your Internet café, gaming complex, or even your own personal computer. It gives you an easy access to a huge array of features such as network setup and WiFi charging for computers.

Microsoft Windows is indeed the best operational system available; hence, the Antamedia Internet Caffe Software utilizes any Windows PC in order to be installed. Since it is developed using Windows 7, you are ensured that this software will work with any latest Windows version. By installing this for your cybercafé, you are increasing your customers by adjusting how you charge for their computer usage.

You can even save time by giving your customers the ability to pay directly on the client computer. The payment process of Antamedia Internet Caffe Software lets them use over 70 major payment methods, including Paypal and other major credit cards. With an easy-to-configure account setting, even those who are new to managing cyber cafés will have little trouble setting their business up from scratch. All in all, this is a product everyone must have.