Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

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Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

Easy, powerful, reliable, user-friendly cybercafe management software.

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Antamedia Bandwidth Manager
Price (20%OFF) Discount
Antamedia Bandwidth Manager – Lite Edition $ 99 79.20 $ 19.80
Antamedia Bandwidth Manager – Standard Edition $ 149 119.20 $ 29.80
Antamedia Bandwidth Manager – Premium Edition $ 249 119.20 $ 49.80
Antamedia Bandwidth Manager – Enterprise Edition $ 349 279.20 $ 69.80

Set Efficient Limits with Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

If you are one of the numerous web café owners then you know how a huge pain it is to find out that your bandwidth has bypassed its limit due to the huge amount of downloads and uploads by your customers. With Antamedia Bandwidth Manager, you can bid farewell to those and say hello to lower Internet costs.

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager enables you to set limits for download and upload speeds for all of your network’s users. How does it benefit your business? Think of it as protecting your café from dangerous and blacklisted websites. There are times when users would log in to spam-filled sites that endanger your Internet Protocol address. With this software, your bandwidth is controlled in order to make sure that things are running smoothly.

There is no client software installation to be done when you opt for Antamedia Bandwidth Manager. By simply beginning with a setup wizard, you are already given access to a lot of useful functionalities such as the ability to watch any online activity from a specific computer and being able to track back a previously visited URL. Without a doubt, this software is all you need to ensure a safe and virus-ridden web business.