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AKS-Labs BSC Designer is a Balanced Scorecard software program designed to support businesses by keeping track and managing their performance metrics. This program is available in different versions, which are the Standard, Pro and the light version. The AKS-Labs BSC Designer freeware utility is ideal for smaller businesses and includes basic functionalities such as managing and editing of categories and indicators, and scores and weight management. For those who need more comprehensive features, the BSC Designer Pro and BSC Designer Standard offer additional options for key performance indicator (KPI) management, from monitoring, analysis, forecasting and reporting options in both HTML and Excel formats. Both the AKS-Labs BSC Designer Pro and Standard versions allow data access from different sources and support several types of diagrams.

AKS-Labs BSC Designer
Price (20% OFF)
BSC Designer Standard $ 270 216 $54.00
BSC Designer PRO $ 856 684.80


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The AKS-Labs Compare Suite is a software solution designed to compare files across different formats, from Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, HTML files, and even multimedia and graphics files. It can also compare and evaluate spreadsheets in both Excel and Comma-Separated Value or CSV formats, and also supports programming languages such as Java, PHP, C++ and binary files. It can also compare and analyze two folders at once, and synchronize any changes in those folders. With the AKS-Labs Compare Suite, users can choose how they can compare the files, whether it’s by keywords, word for word or by character and generate a report of the comparison.

AKS-Labs Compare Suite
Price (20% OFF)
Compare Suite Standard $ 70 56
Compare Suite PRO $ 140 112 $28

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The AKS-Labs File Search Assistant is a search utility that can quickly locate any text no matter what or where the file is. The search terms can be one word, phrases or special symbols and the program will search through different formats whether it’s PDF or HTML pages. With the AKS-Labs File Search Assistant, users target a specific folder, and arrange the search by size and date and then get a preview of the results. It also has an added feature of indexing the files and saving the results for faster processing on next search. The AKS-Labs File Search Assistant also analyzes disk usage and finds duplicate files, so they can be easily removed if necessary.

AKS-Labs File Search Assistant Price (20% OFF)
File Search Assistant $ 70 56 $14

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AKS-Labs QuickWiper is a file deletion software program that wipes confidential and sensitive files in a convenient manner. It has a free disk space function that can remove all previously deleted files, even temporary files created by various applications like Microsoft Word. It includes the System Cleaner, which can remove browser cookies, history, cached and temporary files and links to recently opened files. AKS-Labs QuickWiper also has several security modes, from simple Windows deletion with a single pass or deletion using the NSA erasure algorithm, typically applicable for more sensitive files. To avoid accidental deletion, the AKS-Labs QuickWiper always asks for confirmation before any wiping action, although this option can be removed with more advanced settings.

AKS-Labs QuickWiper Price (20% OFF)
QuickWiper $ 34 27.20 $6.80

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AKS-Labs Shred Agent is a program utility that securely deletes files to prevent leakages of sensitive and confidential information. It can work in the background and looks at all deleted files, even cached and temporary files. Users can configure filters in the AKS-Labs Shred Agent, to identify which folders and file extensions should be removed. It can also wipe away file names so it would be impossible to retrieve the name of an erased file. The file shredding action can be scheduled on a regular basis and the AKS-Labs Shred Agent cleans up disk space on a hardware level, to prevent anyone from ever recovering the deleted files.

AKS-Labs Shred Agent Price (20% OFF)
Shred Agent $ 70 56 $14

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AKS-Labs RoutineBot is software program designed for automated testing of graphic-user interface or GUI based on scripting and image patterns. It can automate different events such as mouse clicks and movements, keyboard actions such as entering texts, opening and downloading data and working with other applications. With AKS-Labs RoutineBot, testing engineers can write scripts and create image patterns that will click some buttons to see whether desired results will be achieved. This visual test software supports JavaScript, Pascal and Basic programming languages. The AKS-Labs RoutineBot can also log the screenshots of test cases, so the saved automated scripts and image patterns can be used for future testing.

AKS-Labs RoutineBot Price (20% OFF)
RoutineBot $ 140 119.20 $29.80

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