Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium

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Adobe Production Premium offers the finest video editing and production tools. Its superior editing and production tools are compatible with Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

Its Warp Stabilizer, Camera Lens and Light Falloff in After Effects features offer the finest video editing tools. Warp Stabilizer removes video fluctuations and irregularities to provide stable and uniform video results. Camera Lens feature provides scenic bokeh by arranging diffraction perimeter, curvature of blade and iris contour characteristics. Light Falloff feature manipulates how the intensity of light should drop over three-dimensional distances. After Effects feature supports Timecode information in variants of MXF, DPX, Broadcast WAV, AVI and QuickTime.

Adobe Production Premium is equipped with a high speed video performance. It makes use of 64-bit processor capable of providing the finest video resolution by using the systems’s RAM ability. It also provides the capability of editing DSLR images and videos. Adobe Premium Pro provides the capability of editing the original images from the camera without producing rewrapped and transcoded results. Photoshop provides editing and refining tools for videos.

Adobe Production Premium is only compatible with 64-bit operating systems. The system requires 64-bit to be able to provide the finest tools for video editing.  It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS operating systems. The required processors for Windows are   AMD Phenom II, Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 and Intel Pentium 4. The required minimum RAM capacity for Mac OS and Windows is 2 gigabytes. Their required VRAM capacity is approximately 256 megabytes. The required resolution display of these operating systems is 1280 by 900. OpenGL graphics card with 16-bit color is also required. Windows is required to provide an installation capacity of 16.3 gigabytes of hard drive space.  Mac OS has a required installation capacity 20.6 gigabytes of hard drive storage space.

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