Adobe Photoshop Extended CS6

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What exactly is new with the latest release in the Adobe Photoshop software line? Well, the Adobe Photoshop Extended features several new digital imaging capabilities that go far beyond those of the preceding versions. It is the top of the line software to use when you plan to create images that have more character.

Adobe Photoshop Extended enables the user to create images that are more realistic by giving it clearly defined brush strokes that blend in naturally. The tones are also altered to give a more textured and real time feel.

The Adobe Photoshop Extended also allows the user to make 3 dimensional markings such as logos and watermarks on copyrighted images.

Looking at the software more closely, here are some of the added and improved features of the Adobe Photoshop Extended:

  • High Dynamic Range Images

With Adobe Photoshop Extended ghost removal in images is no longer done manually. With this new tool, you can automatically create high definition images with great hues and tones in a fraction of the time.

  • Processing Raw Images

This new feature in Adobe Photoshop Extended allows the editing of noise in a photo by removing it without destroying the overall image quality. This tool has the ability to preserve the colour quality and detail of an image rendering it much clearer. Other options such as grain and vignette allow you to create photos that have an organic feel to it.

  • Warping Options

The new warping option in the Adobe Photoshop Extended allows the user to create new effects by swinging an image to create movement without distorting the image.

  • Automatic Content Filling Capabilities

The Adobe Photoshop Extended allows users to automatically remove a specific portion of the image without having to worry about the blank portion left on the canvas. The Content-Aware Fill tool automatically provides the image continuity.

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