Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection

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Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection provides website creation in HTML5, high speed video production and digital design. It comes with different features designed to provide the best design settings.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection

Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection provides an improved sample display of the user’s web designs. It is capable of displaying samples of how the web designs would be displayed on televisions, smartphones, desktops and tablets. Its Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 panel provides an efficient control over various CSS outlines and media queries. It is also capable of supporting a wide range of mobile devices and platforms. Its compatible platforms are iOS, Adobe Digital Home, Android, webOS and RIM. Adobe AIR 2.6 and Flash Player 10.2 are compatible with Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 making it possible to distribute interactive information to different mobile devices.

Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection is also equipped with Adobe Audition CS5.5 that provides the capability of mastering, editing, recording and mixing audio information. Its Flash Builder 4.5 Premium Edition allows the construction of applications that are compatible with BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices. Flash Builder 4.5 can also be used to perform simultaneously with Flash Catalyst CS5.5.

Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection supports Mac OS and Windows operating systems. These operating systems are required to have a minimum RAM capacity of 2 gigabytes. They are also required to have a resolution display of 1280 by 900 and a minimum VRAM capacity of 256 megabytes. Its required Mac OS processor is a 64-bit Multicore Intel processor. The required installation storage capacity for Mac OS is 26.3 gigabytes of hard drive space. AMD Phenom II, Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 and Intel Pentium 4 are the required Windows Processors. Windows has a required installation storage capacity of 24.3 gigabytes of hard drive space. Multimedia and QuickTime features require the installation of QuickTime 9 program.

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