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Dramatically reduce print costs and shrink your carbon footprint with Adobe LeanPrint.

  • Minimize print costs
  • Print lean, clean, and green
  • Deploy, manage, and use conveniently

Facts About Abobe LeanPrint

One of the best tools that you can use for printing various projects is Abobe LeanPrint. LeanPrint is a desktop tool which is used to dramatically reduce the number of paper and ink per project. It is a tool which is very easy to use and it can actually finish several projects at the same time. With it you will be able to track the documents that you print and you will be able to save a lot of hours from your tasks. Basically, it puts more content to fewer pages and it reduces impact from printing.

LeanPrint prints through both colored and grayscale projects. It does not waste any toners and it can actually help you finish your tasks in time. Along with massive printing, this program enables you to use a personal dashboard for your projects. You can easily edit and print your project without moving from one program to the next. You will also be able to work better since the program allows you to easily distribute, send, and archive files. Once the files are archived you can easily send it through the network so that other employees will be able to copy or share your project files.

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