Adobe Illustrator CS6

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Adobe Illustrator – A Distinct Tool for Creating Distinctive Graphic Designs

Adobe Illustrator is a tool designed to help you make your own creative and unique vector graphics. Professionals in the field of creating graphic designs use Adobe Illustrator because it is equipped with high-end drawing tools that are powerful and high precision. Professionals love this software because it gets the job done easily when moving graphic designs from the Illustrator to other Adobe graphic software.

Exploring New Skills and Paths with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator will develop new skills in you the ability to create beautiful strokes by adjusting stroke width, positioning arrowheads, and controlling stretch at any position. Perspective drawing will be enhanced better with the use of perspective grids when drawing scenes and shapes. Paint graphics using bristle brushes that resemble the output of a real world stokes of brushes.

Express Yourself with Depth

Adobe Illustrator will help you create vector designs that show your inner expressions. There is depth with every stroke made by blob brush, natural brushes which creates expressive output, and when drawing in perspective and using Live Color, Live Trace, and Live Effects. These tools produce a dramatic effect to a unique vector design.

Powerful and Creative Tools

Other tools needed to create a distinctive vector design are the gradient and transparency feature. Use gradients to interact directly with your objects.  When using gradients, you are allowed to control the transparency of every color. Also included is the in-panel editing where editing is possibly made in the panel without the need to open the panel for the stroke type, fill, and effects. Adobe Illustrator’s advanced typography offers at most 80 font types and allows you to make your own style in making paragraphs, characters, and strikethroughs. In one file, you can work with up to 100 artboards in different sizes, organizing and viewing them anyway you want. You can overlap these artboards or align them.

Adobe Illustrator supports many formats of files such as PDF, FXG, Photoshop, DXF, JPEG, GIF, SVG, TIFF, and many more.

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