Adobe Flash Professional CS6

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Adobe Flash Pro is an authoring tool that provides the development of interactive materials. These interactive materials are available for televisions, tablets, smartphones and desktops.

Adobe Flash Professional CS6

It is equipped with ActionScript editing tool. It has coding completion and class code hinting that provides the fast development of codes. It is also capable of synchronizing the user’s code with the library’s external code. Source-level debug procedure can now be directly performed on Adobe AIR compatible devices. FLA files can now be easily handled with XML-based tool. Code Snippets tools are readily available on this software. It provides the commonly used multitouch gesture, animations and common action code snippets.

Adobe Flash Pro provides the ease of controlling layers and scaling of materials. Its improved layering control maintains the structure of significant documents during the copying of layers for multiple projects and files. Its process of scaling of materials is designed to support several screen dimensions.

Adobe Flash Pro is compatible with Mac OS and Windows operating systems. Multicore Intel is the required processor for Mac OS. Its required operating systems are Mac OS X v10.58 and Mac OS v10.6. Its required installation space capacity is approximately 4 gigabytes of hard drive storage space. The required processors for Windows are AMD Athlon 64 and Intel Pentium 4. Its required operating systems are Windows 7, Windows Vista Enterprise SP1, Vista Ultimate, Vista Business, Vista Home Premium, Windows XP SP2 and XP SP3. Its required installation space capacity is approximately 3.5 gigabytes of hard drive storage space. The required resolution display for Mac OS and Windows is 1024 by 768. Their video card should be able to support 16-bit. The required minimum amount of RAM capacity is approximately 1 gigabyte. The suggested capacity of RAM is 2 gigabytes. Multimedia tool requires the installation of QuickTime version 7.6.2.

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