Adobe Contribute CS5

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Adobe Contribute is a great tool for web management and web publishing where reviewing, publishing, and authoring are possible with a WYSIWYG HTML editor that is manageable to use. It is equipped with features that make web publishing an easy task and can significantly increase your web publishing productivity.

Adobe Contribute – A Great Tool for Web Publishing

Without writing a code, which is very tiring and complicated, Adobe Contribute allows every content author to automatically view the added and edited web through its enhanced CSS. Every edits made is instantly updated to Spry widgets and XML content. There is a template where you can make a path for an internal page where it needs your approval or several pages where multiple sign-off is needed. Collaborative publishing is enhanced since there is a joint publishing, reviewing, and authoring of content.You can quickly create manageable page with different styles or base on your preferred provided template. You have complete control on when should a page go live or hold it for reviewing purposes. Adobe Contribute also allows the user to set expiration dates to every new entry or content. Every site associated with XML content can be edited natively without you having to open a new XML editor or leave your Adobe Contribute software. Upon editing the XML associated site, it automatically updates the pages and data sets.

A simple click allows you to instantly publish content in different blogs and web pages. It supports several protocols such as FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, Atom protocol, and MetaWeblog. Another feature that every web publisher would want in a tool is the capability to open and view multiple browsers at the same time. You can have a feel of each page, check each looks, or open three pages next to each other for comparison.

Managing images and files is also easy with Adobe Contribute. Simply add, drag or drop images, PDFs, and FLV files in a web page. Adobe Contribute software is also integrated with an image hotspot support, advanced elements for an interactive layout, in-browser editing, and dynamic editing.

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