Adobe After Effects CS6

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Adobe systems, the leading innovators in the field of the applications which makes computer more than a machine and to make it more efficient they also launched a new application which is named by them as Adobe After effects. It is a great work done by the adobe systems in the field of digital motion graphics. This application is the thing which makes the video quality much better as compare to what you can think of. Adobe After effects is mostly used in the post production process which can be of filmmaking and of television production.

Adobe After Effects to make computer more than a machine

Adobe After effects is a digital motion graphics and compositing software which is developed and own by adobe system. The main purpose of this application is for the origination of the 2D and 2.5D animation, finishing and visual effects compositing. It can also be used as non-linear editor and a media transcoder. It is basically used for creating visual effects and motion graphics. This application is really useful for the people who are in the field of editing the movies, television shows and make the look of them more attractive and catchy for the viewers. These applications are layer-oriented, which means each individual media object (video clip, audio clip etc) occupies its own track.

Various Features

Non-linear editing systems is just the reflection of this application and it also provides the same features as this adobe effects provides. Adobe systems integrate with the NLEs (non-linear editing systems), but NLEs has contrast with the adobe systems as NLE system where media objects can occupy the same track as long as they don’t overlap with the other application in the timeline.

Adobe After effects was originally created and develops by the Company of science and Art in USA and after developing it the released it as version 1.0 was finally released in 1993. Then some bugs is identified and feedbacks are taken by the customers so that it can be improved this version and make it more user friendly. Then after getting all the feedbacks another updated version is released as version 2.1 by adobe system in 1994 and with its PageMaker and after effects. The first version is develop by CoSA in 1993 as version 1 and version 1.1 by the same company having effects as layers compositing with mask, transforms, keyframe and applicable to Mac only. Then the version 2 is developed by Aldus by adding more effects in it as time layout window, multi-machine rendering, frame blending.

Other Contents

Then from version 3 adobe own this product and make it more updated by adding more special features as render queue, time remapping , keyframe assistants, multiple effects per layer, motion tracker etc. But they also found that some more can be one with this application, so in the last they came with the most updated version 10.5.1 on June 30, 2011.Adobe After effects is easily available on net and you can download it from there easily and can do a lot with the videos so g and grab one for yourself.

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