Acoustica Spin It Again

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How the Acoustica Spin It Again Works

Due to customers’ demand, the Acoustica Split It Again was created. This is software that allows old LPs and tapes to be converted into CDs, MP3 and DVDs. Even a child can do the procedure on his own because of the easiness of this software. If you like to give your parents a gift, get all their favorite records and convert them into one CD or an MP3. They would be able to continuously listen to their favorite songs the modern way either in their PC or in their CD player at home or in their car.

Spin It Again has an easy-to-use interface which will inform you of each step of the conversion process. It has good quality software for audio restoration that has fail-safe presets. It is extremely affordable at only $34.95.

While the advantage of using Spin It Again include being user-friendly, highly affordable and restores music perfectly, it can only be used with a PC and not with a Mac.

It is easy to use Spin It Again. It automatically records, divides the track, reinstates the audio while eliminating static and clicks, and then converts this to CD or MP3. This is ideal for those who simply want the quickest and easiest way to transfer their favorite music from cassette to CD.

Converting the songs in a cassette to CD can be a stressful procedure but Acoustica Spin It Again has made this perfectly possible. The sound is just right without any glitches or irritating noise in it. The good thing about this converter is that it offers an easy explanation of the whole process of transferring music from your cassette or turntable to the sound card in your PC.

This software has a HookUp Wizard that allows you to make the connection, the most vital part of the entire procedure. A simple mistake or error will not allow you to record at all. This wizard explains in a step-by-step manner the conversion process. After the connection, you can check from the Vinyl the input and then start the recording levels set according to your requirements. The HookUp Wizard will inform you of the sound you will hear once recording is through.

After the recording levels, you will now perform the real recording this time from the turntable. Press the button that says “Record” and then immediately put on a Vinyl so that you will not miss any section. Press the “Stop” button after you finish recording.

Spin It Again has extremely great features that will not require you to purchase add-ons.  Such features include the software’s ability to separate tracks that other software do not have. You can also easily take away unnecessary noise such as clicks, hiss, pops and the like. It also has a compact disc burning engine allowing you to burn an Audio CD from your computer or any other player. Split It Again will also permit you to input the song details prior to burning the CD.

This is the greatness of the Acoustica Spin It Again which the people of the past generations would love.

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