Acoustica Mixcraft 5

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Acoustica Mixcraft 5

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Creating Beautiful Music with Acoustica Mixcraft

With the new recording studio called Acoustica Mixcraft, you can now create as many musical projects that you want that include recording audio, making videos and utilizing pre-defined loops because of its multi-track capability. This has a Library tab at the bottom of the application that has around two thousand sounds which include vocals and tones of different musical instruments, including bagpipes. When you record a project, you can preview each musical tone without necessarily adding it yet. You can create a single one-beat track using double clicks. It has a mixer that can set your track’s highs, mids, and lows such as the effects of DirectX, reverb, distortion and compression.

With the Mixcraft 5.0 of Acoustica, it is easy to set the sounds so as to match your project’s tempo or pitch. Use an input device or merely a microphone so as to record straightaway to a track.  After you are through recording, you can then edit and add effects to your project.

The Mixcraft 5.0 also has a Details tab at its bottom that would provide access to the loop library and the editing windows of Mixcraft. This makes editing with full-screen MIDI possible. The entire tab can even be hauled to another monitor.

The Details tab has a new Mixer option which will allow you to mix sounds using a console with virtual mixing. This is better than sliders and buttons underneath the name of the track. It has channels that all provide the regular mixer functionality and has a helpful 3-band EQ.  The mixer also has a Send track which aids in adjusting the volume and achieving global effects and a Master track that is an auxiliary buss which allows sharing effects within multiple tracks.

Because of these innovative automation features, Acoustica is serious in turning Mixcraft to a real music production tool. The tracks all contain an automation lane which permits the adjustment of instrument parameters and effects over time through dragging and clicking. The Shred Amp Stimulator and the Pultronic Tube EQ which has an old style strengthen the effect roster with the former’s 6 effects, 17 cabs and 5 amp heads.

When looping, the earlier versions of Mixcraft showed infuriating problems but these have been resolved with the Acoustica Mixcraft 5. Other elements remain untouched which can be extraordinary as this is not a digital audio workstation having an immense development team working on it. Because almost all of its new features are very functional, you can sense that the creators believe in their product and want it to become their flagship application in the near future. These features were not added without disregarding usability. This application is still a friendly, reasonably-priced and stable one for you to create music speedily. If you want to make music through a personal computer, use Mixcraft 5 to make your project easier and quicker.

Nowadays, you do not have to buy instruments just to create a song or a musical project. All you need is a computer, equip it with Acoustica Mixcraft 5 and you are on your way to make beautiful music.

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