Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 5

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Making Music with the Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 5

The Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 5 is every musician’s companion in producing a musical project. It is a recording studio in the form of an application where you can compose and record different sounds of various instruments, remix tracks, arrange loops, add effects and edit videos to make a beautiful and stunning composition.

This new Mixcraft offering from Acoustica is powered with a full DAW or Digital Audio Workstation package that has auxiliary send tracks, limitless audio and MIDI. It has more than 3300 sound effects and music loops of good quality. With this application, you can add countless video, audio clips, MIDI clips, effects from DirectX and VST, VSTi instruments and the automation of all instrument and effect parameters. You can also create multiple formats of your project and even burn it to a CD.

Because of the various compilations of effects and instruments, Mixcraft 5 has become an advanced digital audio workstation. The best part is, Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 5 is user-friendly and can be learned easily.  Here are the things included in this application.

Mixcraft has an ME80 Vintage analog synthesizer. It recreates a real version of the analog synthesizer of Yamaha CS80. The latter is seen as one of the greatest and sought-after analog synthesizers produced. It supports a polyphonic aftertouch with a powerful and sweet tone just like the Yamaha CS80.

It also has an analog synthesizer that of Memorymoon thus making it the only synthesizer that sounds just as intense as the Memorymoon. It has knobs and presets that of a three-oscillator polyphonic sound that is unbelievably and perfectly enormous.

Mixcraft 5 also has the Acoustica Pianissimo Virtual Grand which is basically a grand piano that has been awarded for its high quality. This application has 250MB of samples of Steinway Model D piano along with an immense piano modeling technology. It also has a vacuum tube preamp (G-Sonique Twisthead VS-206) that can create a ferocious overdriven tube grit or delicate analog warmth in your musical project.  This tube preamp can include character and charm of the 1960s to your vocals and any of the musical instrument sounds it has.

Miscraft Pro Studio 5 also has a transient vitaliser (G-Sonique FSQ1964), an intense mastering instrument that puts in analog colors, delicate high frequencies, boldness and transparent and crystal transients to your mixes. Basic tracks can come out lively, radiant
and crisp through your speakers with this vitaliser making these tracks sound modern just like the hits you currently hear on the radio.
This application’s analog bass enhancer (G-Sonique XBass 4000L) gives a warm bass tone to your tracks because it adds 2 specific equations so as to improve your track’s bass. It emphasizes on the clear bass content spectrum of your tracks, elevates the sub-bass and bass spectrum, and amplifies superior vocal frequencies. It also has G-Sonique Dubmaster Liquid Delay which is a lot different than that of traditional delays. Your tracks would have a unique sound and atmosphere with Dubmaster.

To be able to download this application, you should have one GH CPU and a 2GB Ram. You should also have Windows XP, Vista and 7. Also include a Firewire sound device USB or sound card on your computer.

With an Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 5, you have the perfect instrument to make a good musical track or video.

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