ExpiredACID Pro 8 + 9 on release (SAVE $149)

$149 $149
ACID Pro 8 + 9 on release (SAVE $149)
ACID Pro 8 + 9 on release (SAVE $149)
$149 $149

Includes ACID Pro 9 ($149 value)

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Articles about the previous versions of ACID Pro

The Music Maker’s Perfect Ally is the ACID Pro 7

ACID Pro 7 is one of Sony’s latest professional digital audio workstation. It is a program perfect for creating or composing music, as well as a tool for post-production works such as audio editing or score composition. The program’s aim is to remove all hindrances or barriers for a user to creatively work on projects, which will yield the appropriate results.

ACID Pro 7

Features of ACID Pro

Its recording capacity has a 24-bit and 192 kHz sound quality for both live or studio music making. Its features have also been expanded to deliver the best possible sound. Those who need a trusted multi-track audio production can rest assured because ACID Pro 7 was built to deliver. It is ideal for all types of audio production needs whether it be for bands who are recording their music, or for music scorers who are composing tracks.

As for the issue of loop-based music construction, this software’s seventh version still has all the classic features of its forefather such as the real-time or tempo transposition, no limit in tracks, and the usual quick and easy to navigate interface. The software even contains above 3,000 Sony loops as well as 90 virtual musical instruments to allow for an unadulterated music creation.

The ACID Pro 7’s MIDI abilities are also commendable because it allows for track modification in ways you have never imagined possible. The MIDI support is very wide as it allows the user to quantize, filter, process, edit expressions, sound patterns, and a whole lot more. Other than these impressive capabilities, a user can also use VST plugs and instruments so as to make different changes in the sound, and make effects that are textured and stylized.

The user can definitely maximize his or her work efficiency because of the features designed to organize your creations in a fool-proof manner. As for the audio creations, he or she will be able to come up with outstandingly dramatic or subdued tempos with the use of curves. The projects can also be produced in almost all type of formats.

In addition, the ACID Pro 7 makes use of the shortest virtual path from actual program into any disk without any conversion points which oftentimes contribute to transferring and saving errors. On the other hand, the software has a series of built-in tutorials that are interactive in nature and can provide help on a step-by-step basis. This way, whenever you have a hard time with a particular function, the tutorials can be of service, guiding you along the way as you work on which ever project.

On top of all these, the ACID Pro 7 is also compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7. In addition, through Get Media, Sony gives users free access to exclusive media content which is constantly updated with loops and effects. These contents can be used right away by the user in all of his or her projects. With all the features of ACID Pro 7, even a non-professional music lover can go right ahead and make their own music. Thanks to the powerful yet easy-to-navigate features of this revolutionary software.

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